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Welcome to Msties Domain, the website of Toolmaster Jeff Zehnder. This site is all about Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), a television show that features three characters wise-cracking on low-budget films. The site contains bot building guides, a tape trading page, reflections on multiple MST Conventions and gatherings (including Gateway and a Cinematic Titanic live show), and 3D renderings of the bots and the SOL. You'll also find a written MST fan-fic, information on our up-and-coming fan production, how to create your own shadowrama, and more. If you came here expecting a Quantum Leap page, please hit the back button now. For the rest of us, get yourself a cup of Swiss Miss and enjoy.

Jack Perkins The News (Brought To You By Jack Perkins.):
It was the best of times, it was the Crow of times. Good evening, and welcome to a spectacular update for Msties Domain. Ever since I began hosting this site, back in 1979 on ARPANET, Msties Domain has promised a "really good" Mystery Science Theater experience, and with this update, the tradition endures. The Bot Building Page is at last, complete. Instructions for one, Crow T. Robot have been written and uploaded. They're quite exciting, although I must admit my Cooper XL7 is still in use as a hockey mask for a regular game I play with other retired television journalists. Tom Brokaw is quite a prodigy with the puck. Along with the new Crow section, there has been a bit of spring cleaning to other areas of the site. Certain sections that had not been updated since the Carter Administration or were no longer necessary have been removed. Notably, the Tape Trading page has been retired. The trading of magnetic reels had a good long run, but faster internet connections and significantly larger hard drives have led to new and near instantaneous ways to procure the antics of Joel, Mike, and the Bots. And so we bid farewell to the mighty tape, and a hello to the rascaly Crow T. Robot. Enjoy your time here at Msties Domain, and also enjoy the Charles Dickens Story, coming up next, on Biography.

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