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Welcome to Classic Arrow Inc., the film and production company of Jeff Zehnder and Paul Zarick. Founded in 1999 with the purpose of creating a full length MST3K fan production, our mission has since expanded to include creating and distributing many other exciting MST3K related items. Classic Arrow is the continuing force behind MSTIES Domain and also lends it's expertise to Jeff's video productions. It is still the eventual goal to make the fan production, but many factors have slowed its completion greatly (money, time, lack of Crow, etc.)

  • The Not Too Distant Future:
    1. MST3K Fan Production
      • For our first episode, whenever it is completed, we will be riffing on the 3rd level detestable sequel that is Jurassic Park 3. Starring William H. Macy and his moustache, it features bizarre CGI and puppet dinosaurs, a 9 year old with better survival skills than most marines, and the un-luckiest paleontologist ever to grace the face of the earth. This movie begs the question, how many Jurassic Park movies does a civilization need? Remember to stay tuned for the super duper surprise ending of Jurassic Park 3.
  • 2005 Projects:
    1. 5/2005 - Shadowrama Tutorial (Revised instructions and added a Final Cut Pro shadowrama tutorial.)
    2. 4/2005 - Smoking - Truth and Consequences (Long Form News Package on smoking at colleges.)
    3. 4/2005 - The Jaime Bennett Story (Long Form News Package on the challenges faced by a college basketball player.)
    4. 2/2005 - Space Camp (MST Fan Fic Short story, starring Joel and the Bots, about the hiatus between KTMA and Season 1.)
  • 2004:
    1. 11/2004 - Around the Horn (Technical Director and Producer for ESPN Sports type program.)
    2. 10/2004 - Depression PSA (Editor and Storyboard artist for fake television PSA.)
    3. 2/2004 - Special Effects Database (Indepth explanations and direction for creating the special fx of MST.)
  • 2003:
    1. 5/2003 - Dim Bereavement (Depressing Art Concept Film.) Download video at bottom of linked page!
  • 2002:
    1. 5/2002 - Cinematic Illusions (Short special effects demonstrations and explanations video.)
    2. 5/2002 - Epidermal Destruction (Short parody horror film.)
    3. 8/2002 - Setting up and maintaining the MSTIES Domain webserver (Ongoing server administration.)
    4. 11/2002 - Reservoir Drugs (Videographer for short on the dangers of drugs.)
  • 2001 - Inactive
  • 2000:
    1. Scifi Why? (Parody of Only God Knows Why by Kid Rock. Featured On MSTIES.COM, Newsletter 47)
    2. Satellite Of Love (Parody of Why Don't You Get A Job by The Offspring. Featured On MSTIES.COM, Newsletter 45)
    3. Servotron Song (Parody of The Banana Boat Song by Harry Belafonte)
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