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For Sale
1. Floralier $24
2. Everready Floating Flashlight Lantern with Shroud $20
3. Bottom Injection Crown Pins $6

Trades welcome, too!
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Updated 12/16/2023 -
In The Garage
Back in February of 2000, I started collecting parts for Tom Servo. Since then, I have discovered that MST3K bot building, and part collecting is one of the most fun and interesting things in the world. I mean, what could be more fun than getting up at 7 on a frigid November morning to go to yard sales? Or how about rummaging through stinky refuge bins at thrift shops! And there's always scouring the depths of eBay for long lost tupperware! Amazingly though, I enjoy it, as do hundreds of other mstie souls.

The Bots! - Construction Instructions

Christmas Cambot
Tom Servo
Tom Servo

Not Bots! (Other Props I've Built.)

The Desk Console
Desk Console
The Widowmaker
The Widowmaker

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