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For Sale
1. Executive Snack Dispensers $12
2. Floralier $23
3. Everready Floating Flashlight Lantern (Missing Shroud) $15
4. Bottom Injection Crown Pins $5

Trades welcome, too!
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Updated 8/31/2015 -
In The Garage
Back in February of 2000, I started collecting parts for Tom Servo. Since then, I have discovered that MST3K bot building, and part collecting is one of the most fun and interesting things in the world. I mean, what could be more fun than getting up at 7 on a frigid November morning to go to yard sales? Or how about rummaging through stinky refuge bins at thrift shops! Amazingly though, I enjoy it, as do about 300 other mstie souls. Speaking of which, we have our own email list over on yahoogroups. There's not a bot-related question someone on the list can't answer.

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The Bots! - Construction Instructions

Christmas Cambot
Tom Servo
Tom Servo

Not Bots! (Other Props I've Built.)

The Desk Console
Desk Console
The Widowmaker
The Widowmaker

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