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An MST3K Fan-fiction
Space Camp
Written by Toolmaster Jeff Zehnder
Posted 1/1/2005

Joel and the bots algamation

Follow the adventures of Mystery Science Theater 3000's, Joel Hodgson, Tom Servo, Crow, Gypsy, and Cambot on the path from Season KTMA to Season 1. Learn what became of Tom Servo's Transformer collection! Watch Joel predict the future! Find out the origins of Magic Voice! Play Battleship Commander with Dr. Erhardt! See satellites leap planets in a single bound! Featuring more 2001 jokes than your average episode 512! Have all your questions answered! Repeat to yourself it's just a show, I should really just relax! We've got fan-fic sign!

Chapters 1-3
Chapters 4-8
Chapters 9-12

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