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A few words on the story:

The Original Manuscript     Folks, this is it; my written contribution to mstie-dom. My own epic mstie novella, a story of Joel and the Bots. It starts on May 21, 1989, right as Experiment K21 - Legend of the Dinosaur was ending, and continues up to the premiere of Season 1.
    I wrote this fanfic to explain the in-between time of KTMA and Season 1. And I've been writing it for, something in the neighborhood of four years. I want to say I began it in the middle of 2000 or 2001, but honestly, I'm not sure. Needless to say, I wrote 29 pages by hand over the course of a few years. Every once-and-a-while, I'd pick up the manuscript and add a bit to it. This had good and bad effects. It gave me a chance to really put my thoughts together, however, the side effect was that I'd pick up the papers and have no idea what I was thinking the last time I added a few paragraphs. I have a secondary story line that I dropped, which picks up when Joel and the Bots are playing 'Spaceball' and it takes a decidely darker turn, but I never got around to writing the 'darker turn' and now I have no idea what it was supposed to be.
    In April of 2003 I started to slowly type the paper into my computer, correct my spelling errors, and touch it up a bit. The story was only about two-thirds done at the time, and I eventually approached the place where I needed to start writing some more. And so here it is, at long last, finished. Fully digitized, it's 15 pages long.
    I'm thrilled I actually finished it, and I hope that you like it. I have too many unfinished short stories laying around my house, and it feels good to complete one of them!
    I have tried to retain the nature and mannerisms of the characters at the time. So, Joel gets confused and says 'um' a lot more than he later did, Servo is significantly more obnoxious, and Crow is still talking in his baby voice. I can't remember for sure, but I think that at one point, I reference the Mystery Science Adventures (an mst fanfic series.) Once again though, I'm not sure, as the site is no longer online, and even with the internet archive project, there are still more than two dozen episodes and I wouldn't know where to start to find it.
    Last, but certainly not least, I must extend a thanks to Joey Riley. I met Joey back in 2000 at Gateway, and he's been a good friend since then. I hit a major case of writers block at Chapter 10 as to how I was going to solve Forrester and Erhardt's financial troubles. Joey provided the idea which allowed me to finish the three remaining chapters.
    And now, I present, Space Camp, the story of Joel, the robots, and the latter half of the year 1989.

I hope you enjoy it.
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Toolmaster Jeff 'Jef' Zehnder
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