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A 'how-to' guide for creating the special effects from everyone's favorite cowtown puppet show.

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Updated 1/31/2004:
Welcome to the first and only internet guide to recreating the special effects used on MST3K. Whether you are simply an MST buff with the need for more episode trivia, or a videographer looking to add to your next production (MST or not), this guide is useful. Over Mystery Science Theater 3000's 10 year history and nearly 200 episodes, many different tricks and effects were used in the antics of Mike, Joel, and the robots. This guide, while not all inclusive, attempts to explain the effects used on the show, as well provide an example of recreation. From the flash paper "Tank Tops" in 206, to the magic of Coily in 1012, if they used it, we'll show you how.

Picture Episode # Episode Name Type Of Effect
Generic / Repeated Effects
Shadowrama All All Lumakey Shadowrama / Shadowbox illusion for superimposing shilouettes over the screen.
Shadowrama 101 - 1013 The Crawling Eye - Danger: Diabolik! Exterior Shots with Stars. Christmas Tree lights and foil illusion.
Episode Specific Effects
Rain 1002 The Girl In Gold Boots Rain in a window.
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